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Where the Buffalo Roam...

I rolled into Buffalo, Missouri after sunset yesterday, so I have no pictures to share with you of the Buffalo Motel, the Buffalo Bowl, or Buffalo Burger. You'll just have to visit this adorable town to see how charming it is for yourself.Thanks for Kristie and Chris of Coterie Gallery for bucking the rules and staying open late so that I could entertain the cool kids of Buffalo. I could have ...   {View More}

Sept. 2012

Whew. It's been a while. I'm a little rusty, so be patient. I'm so rusty in fact, I wrote this post once before and forgot to hit save. Wah, wah, waaaaaah.... But I think it went something like this:   {View More}

Deal or No Deal, Schweddy Sweaters, and Lucky Monkeys

Fellow New Folker Andy Gullahorn had never been to Dave & Buster's. Until yesterday when all that changed.   {View More}

Dude Ranches, Starbucks Pastries and other oddities from the road

Day 3 in TX and it's been nothing but fun.   {View More}

Reba & Carole, Eddie Grant, and TX Rangers of two kinds

Yesterday in Arkansas was cold. Today in Texas, well, I haven't been outside yet, but I'm betting it's warmer than it was at home.   {View More}

The Grammys are nothing compared to...

You know the Grammys, right? Once a year, the hottest music stars perform and are showered with awards.    {View More}

June 2010 - New Folk - did they just call my name??

The whole Kerrville experience is like a dream. For days in a row you exist in this community of music lovers all gathered to enjoy one another's songs and company. Smiles are commonplace and the onset of a frown brings strangers out of the woodwork to find out how they can help. Nightfall isn't a sad farewell at all, it's the beginning of a song that lasts until dawn.   {View More}

Good news to share... April 2010

I've been selected as a Kerrville New Folk Finalist this year! It's so exciting I can hardly stand it. What an honor. I am truly grateful. There are so many talented songwriters in the mix this year. I'm just tickled pink to be included.   {View More}

Ms. Richardson Goes To Washington...April 2010

April 14th-15th I spent in Washington, D.C. Before you say, "Why didn't you tell me??" let me explain. I am a Board Member and the Advocacy Rep for the Memphis Chapter of The Recording Academy.    {View More}

Kerrville memories...2009

Kerrville was amazing. After I got over my homesickness, that is. The first night away from home always seems like the worst. Leaving the pack isn't easy. Those of you with pups know what I mean. The weather in Texas was so beautiful. We stopped in Luckenbach and played a few songs. What a hoot! Then we took our mosey over to Fredericksburg where Jimbo helped a local band with their sound.   {View More}