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Deal or No Deal, Schweddy Sweaters, and Lucky Monkeys


Fellow New Folker Andy Gullahorn had never been to Dave & Buster's. Until yesterday when all that changed.

Luckily, there happened to be a Dave & Buster's on the way to Blanco, our next host house location. Soooo...we stopped by after a delicious sushi lunch (where soft rock slow jams were the ambient music). Andy, Kate, and I all pitched in on one D&B card and we were set. We started with a game of Deal or No Deal. Kate picked our case, #14. We took turns selecting cases. The 'guy' offered us 34 tickets. NO DEAL!!! We picked more cases... The big prize was 250 tickets and it was still in the running! NO DEAL!!! More cases picked.... oh, the drama! It's almost too much to take. "Let's open your case!" it says.  ...  ...  ... "250 TICKETS!!!!" We are the champions. See video below.

We basketballed, we trivia'ed, we skee-balled, we STACKERED (I might have an addiction)... we ended up with 873 tickets. We bought three double shot glasses and a projector candy. (I'd never heard of projector candy either.)

We then headed off to Blanco, but not without spotting a Goodwill. We scoured the joint and almost left without discovering the Schweddy Sweaters. Good times. See photo below.

By then it was dark and we ended up at The Berkefelts Ranch just in time for a killer brisket and warm bonfire. This morning, I woke up in the middle of a beautiful nowhere. The Ranch is private and secluded and serene. They have a wonderful place and I'm so grateful to them for opening it up to us.

OH! The lucky monkey! I have a lucky monkey with a naked butt thanks to the Copper Cactus in Kerrville. It was an impulse purchase, but one that I think will pay off. It's a colorful ceramic monkey hanging from a limb. How could I say no for $15?? That's right, I couldn't.