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Dude Ranches, Starbucks Pastries and other oddities from the road

Photo 4

Day 3 in TX and it's been nothing but fun.

Saturday we played Sycamore Creek Concerts in Dripping Springs. Thomas and Gail have built an awe-inspiring place for music in the Hill Country. They are generous and wonderful people who treated us all like royalty. Big thanks to them both for finding such a spiritually rich place and building a place to share music. I am honored to have been invited.

Sunday found us at Roddy Tree Ranch, just outside of Kerrville, TX. Yet another beautiful place, the RTR is a little slice of wonderment. And I'd like to send a special thank you to the audience who huddled under heat lamps for the second (short) set of our show at the pavilion. You guys are hardcore, and I respect that. :)  And big thanks to Keith and Gretchen Asbury, the Innkeepers, whom I did not meet, but who have put so much time and attention to creating a warm, comfortable place in the world. Andy, Kate, and I stayed in the Treehouse apartment and it was charming.

Thanks to my facebook friends for keeping me entertained with your responses to the Starbucks Rorschach Pastries. It was fun to watch you vote and work out the difference between a vagina and a uterus. You all keep me smiling. I'll have you know, that photo was sent from Kerrville. The next day, I tried to send you an updated version from Austin. They had the SAME PATTERN in Austin! Disappointment. But I'll keep searching...

I'd like to note that I saw an Ikea on the way into TX that somehow I have overlooked during every other trip (or perhaps I just forgot it was there). Either way, I'll be stopping on the way home. If anyone needs any sweet, build-it-yourself furniture, hit me up and see what I can fit in the Subaru.

Below is a quick video of sound check at Roddy Tree, just so you can see how glam this life really is. Okay, reality check. It's not glam. But it is fabulous and fulfilling.

Plus, I've learned that The World is Full of Boogeymen. Be careful.