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Reba & Carole, Eddie Grant, and TX Rangers of two kinds


Yesterday in Arkansas was cold. Today in Texas, well, I haven't been outside yet, but I'm betting it's warmer than it was at home.

My dear friend and super talented musician Lyal Strickland and I played the Ozark Folk Festival yesterday. Outside. From 4-6pm. In the shade. 

Tonight is Sycamore Creek Concerts in Dripping Springs, TX (near Austin). That's a long haul, so I took off yesterday right after the show, fought with TomTom and 6.5 hours later, here I am in Allen, TX (25 miles NE of Dallas) at the most beautiful La Quinta you've ever seen. And that's not sarcasm. This place is brand new and beautiful. Hard to find, though, since the freeway just north of here is COMPLETELY CLOSED. Neither the TomTom or the iPhone was ready for that jelly. Nevertheless, I found the warm green and gold glow of La Quinta in the dark Texas night.

I'd also like to point out that Oklahoma is paving all of the incoming interstates from Arkansas. Thank you, OK. It makes the trip more like a video game than a boring automobile drive. 

While driving I enjoy my Sirius radio tons. Talk radio mostly. Sometimes political talk, sometimes junk talk, sometimes radio dramas. Last night I heard something interesting...Reba McEntire/Carole King duet called Everyday People. Listen and discuss.

On the old time radio drama dial I listened to the totally appropriate "Tales of the Texas Rangers," which only reminded me of my dear friend Wyatt Easterling, the Texas Ranger of Kerrville New Folk. I miss him.

I also passed Electric Avenue on the trip. Seriously, how cool would it be to have your mailing address be 420 Electric Avenue?? It would be epic. I still have that 45 somewhere.

Of course, all the while I'm driving, Emily is back in Eureka with friends from home and our dear, sweet, wonderful friend Charlotte, who drove from Fort Smith to join the party. They are enjoying Eureka's nightlife, having a blast, partaking of the yummy yummy carrot cake shots at Jack's Place. And I'm driving. Enjoying the melting ice in my Arby's cup and Twizzlers (which is not code for anything).

And now here I sit in the lobby writing this mini-memoir and tourists keep walking through the lobby with their sweet dogs which just makes me whine cause I miss mine already and I haven't been gone 24 hours even.

But the good news is I'm about to head out for Austin and pick up the illustrious Andy Gullahorn, master of music and funny, AND a Boys' State-er. And then we head to Dripping Springs and play with the other New Folkers at a sweet house concert.

So, good times ahead, folks. But first, maybe a TX shaped waffle from the free, magical breakfast bar...