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Where the Buffalo Roam...


I rolled into Buffalo, Missouri after sunset yesterday, so I have no pictures to share with you of the Buffalo Motel, the Buffalo Bowl, or Buffalo Burger. You'll just have to visit this adorable town to see how charming it is for yourself.

Thanks for Kristie and Chris of Coterie Gallery for bucking the rules and staying open late so that I could entertain the cool kids of Buffalo. I could have stood up there all night and sang with that sweet sound system "Handsome Lyal" Strickland captained.I hear there may be video, but it was the maiden voyage of the cameras. Time will tell. And many thanks to Jacquelyn and Bob for getting the word out and the people in to share the show. Many laughs and many quiet, still moments were enjoyed.

Now, what you have to know, to fully appreciate the picture in this blog, is that I am afraid of heights. But fear be damned - Kristie and I crossed the expansive chasm to take advantage of this rare (for me) photo opportunity. I confess the return trip was much easier than the initial crossing. But isn't that how it always is? (thanks to Kristie for the photo!)

For now, I'm headed home in the rain. Have a great day. It's the only one we've got.